Low-cost, high precision goniometric stage for x-ray diffractography 

A low-cost, high precision goniometric stage, for use in x-ray diffractography or in optical systems, with a spherical sector supported on at least one bearing, a top surface of the spherical sector that is used for mounting an object, a center of rotation located within the object, a rod or other member that is disposed below the spherical bearing surface, preferably orthogonal to the rotational axes, stepper motors or other actuators to move the

 device and a mechanical linkage between the rod and the motors.



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Roll-on / roll-off system and process for equipment transfer between ships or a ship and quay

A process for equipment transfer between two moving transfer stations, such as ships, effected by moving a shuttle to a point adjacent to one transfer station, transferring a load onto the shuttle, moving the shuttle to a point adjacent to the other transfer station and transferring the load to the second transfer station. A machine for accomplishing this process having at least two beams disposed between two moveable stations, connections between the beams that provides constant spacing without substantially increasing the structure's torsional stiffness, a transfer shuttle that can transverse the length of the beams thereby allowing equipment transfer without the need for a continuous deck, and a motor and transmission for moving the transfer shuttle.


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